Tomatidine Supplement

Tomatoes, most commonly eaten food around the world also have many components that are beneficial. As we all know tomatoes are rich in antioxidant Lycopene, which helps the body fight free radicals and might help in fighting cancer. It is also rich in components which is anabolic and help build muscles. It is highly beneficial for athletes interested in using natural, healthy components to build muscles. The newest all natural muscle builder is a component of nightshade tomatoes.

Tomatidine-a muscle building supplement: It is an all natural muscle builder derived from tomatoes a nightshade plant. Tomatidine, is classified as a steroidal alkaloid formed when tomatine is hydrolyzed with molecules of xylose, glucose and galactose. Unlike other harmful steroids used in muscle building Tomatidine, is a steroidal alkaloid which is naturally occurring steroid found in plants, fungus and animals.

Benefits of using tomatidine supplement: It has many health benefits, it increases muscle strength so that it is easy to work out, helps reduce muscle atrophy, skeletal muscle hypertrophy is stimulated using Tomatidine Supplement and finally it also enhances recovery.

Tomatidine is a natural small molecule inhibitor of Skeletal Muscle Atrophy. Muscle atrophy is a condition that is debilitating and tomatidine is used as a therapeutic agent or a compound for treating this condition.

Skeletal muscle m-TORCI activity is stimulated with Tomatidine: It stimulated m-TORCI signaling which increases the muscle growth through increase protein synthesis, increased biogenesis of mitochondria, and expression of anabolic genes.

Reduced fat: Tomatidine Builds muscle mass without adding fat and without increasing the body weight, which is very advantageous for body building. This supplement builds muscle, but not body fat. Studies show that it inhibits the uptake of cholesterol in human macrophages which improves cardiovascular health.